Send Reach; getting your email message out there

If you work with web sites at some point someone somewhere is going to tell you that “the money is in the list”.  Now whether you believe that or not is entirely your own choice. What I can tell you is that whatever your activity communicating with your customers, user base, audience is one of the most important things you can do.  Of course there is the explosion of social media to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, tumblr et al.  These serve a purpose but the email is still king when it comes to delivering a message right to an individual at home, work or on the go.

Managing an email subscription list is something that used to be a nightmare, now there are many web based services that can do this for you.  You’ve probably come across a few common ones.  If you are thinking about starting a list or changing where you manage the list I can tell you a little about the service I use.

Send Reach

This is who I use to manage the various subscriber lists on my websites and projects.  They have been up and running for a while now in a beta testing stage and have only just launched for the masses.  Send Reach offers the same kind of features that you would expect any similar service to provide.  Create new lists, send out messages, create auto responders ( automatic emails sent at specific time delays) and allow users to manage subscribing and unsubscribing.  Send Reach also offers some simply brilliant functionality that makes life so much easier for both you and your potential subscribers.

Sign me Up!

The first thing that a visitor will use is your sign up form,  now I’m sure you’ve seen some downright clunky and awful ones before.  Or you have some services that will allow you to totally customise every part of the sign-up process, colours, boxes, images before you know if you’ve redesigned your website!  Send Reach has some great precoded sign-up options and these include Facebook, Google, MSN and LinkedIn.  These precoded forms make it a simple process for signing up as your data is pre-filled in.

Here are some below, these will subscribe you to my personal email list.

And the simply brilliant Facebook sign-up form.

Broadcast or Narrowcast?

Where Send Reach really delivers (apart from an amazing delivery rate) is using data about your subscribers to narrow down your message.  You may have a generic email that you want to send to everyone, and thats fine and simple.  What happens when you want to get your message just to the female subscribers in your list? And what if you need to target those people who are over 25 only.  And what about only those people who live in Sydney?  And what if you only what to contact over 25 year old women living in Sydney. Send Reach makes this possible by allowing you to use these filters to define your audience.  Now you can make your email tone fit your audience because you know who will receive it.  Be sure an effective email to a 17 year old guy will be different to a 65 year old woman even if the message is essentially the same.

Stand or Deliver

Making sure your message gets to your subscribers inbox is now Send Reach’s job.  Several months of beta testing with around 200 users with multiple lists has enabled them to refine and enhance their servers to maximise delivery. Reporting can then show you how many emails were sent, how many were delivered, who opened theirs and who clicked any links.  Now you can really see how effective your emails are and more importantly which ones don’t make the grade.

An Arm & a Leg?

So what’s it going to cost you?  Like all things you get what you pay for, sure there are free services out there, but once your subscriber base hits a certain number then you will start to be charged.  Send Reach are currently offering huge discounts on industry rates, and these rates will hold as your list grows… If you’re thinking about starting your list now would be the time to do it and take advantage of this offer.  Take a look at Send Reach for a great video introduction.

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By Adrian Lindley – Find me on Google+