Top 10 Podcasts for 2015

NPR: TED Radio Hour

TED Podcast
TED Talks on the TED Radio Hour by NPR

I’m not quite sure how I came to be listening to the TED Radio Hour.  It’s a thematic collection of excerpts from a range of TED talks.  Interesting in itself but can lead you to seek out the full TED talk of the person in question…  You don’t know what a TED talk is? Do yourself a favour and take a listen.

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This American Life

This American Life Podcast
This American Life from WBEZ Chicago

Some time ago I asked for some podcast recommendations and This American Life was suggested.  Produced and hosted by Ira Glass the show pulls several stories together each week on a similar theme.  The stories are always compelling and there is a tone about Glass’s voice that draws you into the story telling.  Don’t be too concerned about the title, the stories are about life that just happens to be in the US and don’t have such an American bias as to be alienating to foreign ears. This American Life created the spin-off podcast Serial. Podcast Page – updates every Thursday