Top 10 Podcasts for 2015

Danny Baker

Danny Baker & Linsey Hipgrave
Linsey Hipgrave & Danny Baker

A British media institution is Mr. Baker. and with his co-host Linsey Hipgrave they broadcast from the UK on a Saturday morning under the guise of being some kind of sports show but you’d be hard pressed to spot it some days! On your first listen you might be forgiven to wonder what on earth is going on… but by the following week you’ll be an avid listener.  A list of call in subjects top the show, and not your normal ones either (did you know that if you throw an egg over the roof of your house it won’t break when it lands on the other side?), and somewhere in the middle comes the Sausage Sandwich Game. Listen and enjoy. Podcast Page – Every Saturday

The Cult Cast

The Cult Cast
The Cult Cast Team – who’s who?

This podcast may bit a touch on the niche side for some people, being predominately about Apple products.  The presenters are a mixed bunch but always entertaining to listen to, even if just for the Doubtfiresque opening.  For Apple news and general technology it’s great resource, new apps and hardware are reviewed and occasionally you’ll hear about some of the podcasts the presenters listen to.  I can’t place any of the presenters voices to their photos in the promo shot and I think I’ll keep it that way… for now. Podcast Page – every Thursday